Building a linux capable circuit board at home from designing to soldering to installing Arch Linux — Its not hard! Its costs less than 2000 Rs. (~$28). Sounds fun!

Why it is not hard?
I am a professional software developer. But this skill was not used.
I have done bachelors in electronics. But they never taught any of these in school.
Skills you will need — good eyes, steady hand in soldering, some youtube videos, some links to contents, and patience patience…

What if you want to write some React component that can be a chart that can be plugged into a remote react application. The remote application does not need to pull your source code and rebuild again in order to use your code.

What ever I described above can be…


Developer in UI, reactjs, angularjs, backend nodejs, java, springboot. Tinkerer of electronics. Loves to do everything hands on.

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